Ten Things We Should Learn from Kids

Ten Things We Should Learn from Kids

In 2014, I attended a public speaking course held by my wonderful friend Jovana Ružičić. We were tasked with holding several speeches during the course, and one was on a topic of our choice. Considering that motherhood has been the overarching theme in my life for the past eight years, I wanted to share some of what I’d learned as a mother. From the test audience’s reactions to my presentation, I realized how we sometimes forget these simple, everyday truths, which is why I’d like to share them with you here, too. Part of this presentation was the basis for my TEDx talks, held in Vienna also in 2014, which you can view here.


1. Let go of your fear.
Children don’t concern themselves with consequences. That’s why they’re so fearless. This doesn’t mean you should put your life in danger, but it does mean you should consider all the unfounded fears that inhibit you: the fear of rejection, of judgment, of the future, of uncertainty. Think for a moment how much simpler your life would be if you weren’t so constricted by your irrational fears. We’re mostly afraid of things we cannot directly influence, and that blocks us from moving ahead in life.


2. Ask for what you want – now.
Children invest their all into getting what they want. They’re unaware of any other way of being. We adults, on the other hand, often expect others to read our minds or guess what we want. Put everyone out of their misery and just say what you want. You’ll significantly shorten the distance to your goal and make everyone’s journey more pleasant.


3. Express your feelings freely.

Laugh, cry, sing, dance, do whatever you feel like doing in the moment, and you’ll feel a heavenly bliss. Give your smile to others, and you’ll most certainly get one in return. Give a hug and double the happiness. Cry when you need to, so that your soul can find its joy again.


4. Love without boundaries or expectations.
Most small children will run into your embrace without thinking if you simply kneel before them. Take a cue from them and be spontaneous with you emotions. Take a deep breath and embrace life, for a moment forgetting everything that’s troubling you, and thank the people close to you for just being there, sharing the journey and making memories with you. Love today like there is no tomorrow!


5. Be honest to yourself and others.

Children don’t know how to lie. Unfortunately, they learn that later, often by looking at adults. Be yourself – honest, first to yourself, and then to others, too. You’re unique, so there’s no reason to try to be someone else. That’s the only way you’ll ever have honest friends and honest relationships.

6. Play.
Always find time to play. Play helps nurture our energy and creativity. Play with children, friends, your loved ones, and never stop because play is what keeps us alive.


7. Use your imagination.
A child’s imagination is boundless and to children anything is possible. Try that attitude on for size. Imagine the best version of your life, and you’ll have taken a step towards making it come true. Dream big, for that’s the only way to really do something big with your life.


8. Trust yourself and believe in miracles.

Nothing’s impossible. Be brave and take responsibility for your life. Imagine anything is possible and follow your instincts. It is we who set the boundaries for ourselves, and the truth is we’ll get only as far as we let ourselves believe we can. So set you mind free.


9. Stay curious: ask, explore, learn.
The world is full of information. The need to learn is what keeps us growing and advancing. Today more than ever, we have access to information which lets us hone our knowledge and skills. And that growth is what opens up new doors and new possibilities.


10. Be happy.
Kids are simply happy, and we can be, too. Our mood depends on us, and we can choose how to react and feel in any given situation. We control our emotions. We’re all in search of happiness, meaning and balance, we’re all trying to discover life’s secret recipe, yet all we have to do is live in the present. Open you eyes and see where you are now, what you’ve achieved so far in your life. Let go of the past, stop projecting the future. Be alive here and now, and enjoy the ride. This day will never happen again, so make it worth remembering.

The point of life is to live a life worth remembering.

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