Things We Should Learn from Children about Entrepreneurship

Things We Should Learn from Children about Entrepreneurship

I like to say I became an entrepreneur by accident, because that’s the God honest truth. I never thought I’d own a business because I was very good at working for others. Entrepreneurship brought a lot of new things into my life, forced me out of my comfort zone and made me face a lot of things I didn’t find pleasant.

One of those was public speaking. I was simply always one of those people who preferred the sidelines.

Had a year ago anyone told me I’d be speaking at a TEDx conference I’d have laughed my heart out. But then it happened. My first reaction to the offer was: “What could I possibly have to say?”


Fortunately, I have friends who know me very well, and with their help and a few cups of tea, I realized what it was I’d like to share with others. Thank you, Dragana, for pointing me in the right direction, and to you, Relja, for helping me find my voice, to Jovana for the great ideas and dress :) and, of course, to you, Mirjana, for believing in me in the first place. And thank you to my kids for supplying all this material to work with, and to Srđan, the man full of ideas I share my every day with, who can drive me as crazy as I am grateful in those instances when I do take his advice.

You can view my Vienna TEDx talk here.

As a final note, I'd like to mention the wonderful young women who approached me during the conference's break and thanked me for sharing my story. To them I was one of those who'd made it. But to me, they were the ones who would make it, and if I will have played even a small part in their success, I'll be honored.

If you ever want to talk about this over a cup of tea, or about anything else you need support with, I'm here. I wish you all the best. Be brave.